Norika SEFA

Fiction | Kosova | 2015 | 27’38’’



The first payment Lisi (13) decides to share among friends from work, as

a real man. Friends want rakia. Lisi will drink rakia, he already knows it is not easy to be an adult. But how can it become immediately so unstable? The one who can be very sweet with him behaves so mean to the friend next to him. They are still laughing, some are frowning. There is also a shout. Friends are drunk, they behave as children, so Lis has the time to show how grown up is he.


Screenplay: Lorena Hida

Cinematography: Dimo Popov

Editing: Arben Shala, Agon Uka

Sound Design: Labinot Sponca

Music: Samer Agolli

Main Cast: Aida Hani, Margent Caushi, Vjola Pire, Laura Buna, Lorena Hida, Mikela Hida

Producer: Ikone-Studio


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