What remains

Director: Liv Scharbatke

Englisht title: What remains

Original title: Das, was bleibt

2012/ Germany/ Digital, Photography/  5' 12''/  Animation/ Colour - B&W


A german living room in the 1940s, abandoned, like a hasty escape. What is left are photographies on the wall, memories, that come to life and tell us the tragic story of a big love which must not be.



Liv Scharbatke was born in Neustadt an der Aisch in 1984. After receiving her Masters Degree in Communication Studies at Munich University, she started studying screenwriting at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy in 2010. Her short films include KOMM, LIEBEVOLLE NACHT (2011), OLGASTRASSE 18 (2011, co-director: Jörg Rambaum) and DAS, WAS BLEIBT (2012).


Script: Liv Scharbatke; Photography: Martin Grötzschel;  Editing: Anne Goldenbaum;  Music: Dominik Giesriegl; Animation: Martin Grötzschel, Liv Scharbatke;   Key cast: Dennis Lutz, Natascha Kuch; Producer: Felix Ruple


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