The day of the bleeding gums

Director: Dimitar Dimitrov

Englisht title: The day of the bleeding gums

Original title: Денят на кървавите венци

2014/  Bulgaria/ 4'50''/ Animation/ Colour


The painting has a value only in the moment of its creation; the rest is just a postcard from a far away voyage.  One film drawn frame by frame on a smartphone.



Dimitar Dimitrov is born on March 30th 1975 Sofia, Buglaria.

He gets his Master degree as an Animation Director at NATFA in 2003, graduating from Professor Donyo Donev’s class.

He is recently employed as full time 3D artist in Gameloft, and works for Nova TV (virtual television decors).

Along with the above, he makes animated stage sets for theatrical performances, as well as all sorts of digital, and drawn productions as a free-lance artist.



Script: Dilyan Elenkov; Cast: Leonid Yovchev;  Producer: Neli Gacharova



Arirang Korea Award - Toronto Smart Phone Film Festival 2014.


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