Love and Vehicles

Director: Drasko Ivezic

Englisht title: Love and Vehicles

Original title: Ljubav i prijevozna sredstva

2014/ Croatia/ HD/ 14’/ Animation/ Colour


World full of different vehicles with different couples all travelling on a path filled with bizarre meaningless relationships. Two characters who are almost like twins just opposite gender. Throughout Love and Vehicles the two of them are mirroring each other but still they don’t meet. The vehicles like a boat a huge ship a bicycle a train and an airplane host little visual gags with different couples. At the final act we see our main couple for the first time together waiting for a bus. Are they going to get on the bus together and be as the other couples? Or does fate have other plans?



Drasko Ivezic (1975 - ) after studies at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb he started professional career as animation film maker. This is his first author film.


Script: Drasko Ivezic; Photography: Drasko Ivezic;  Editing: Ivor Ivezic; Animation: Drasko Ivezic;  Music: Branko Radic; Sound: Thomas Richard Christensen;  Producer:Ustanova Zagreb film


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