Director:   Evgenia Gostrer

Englisht title: Framed

Original title: Im Rahmen

2013/ Germany/ HD/ 5’/ Animation/ Colour


How much do I love myself? What am I proud of? How do I present myself? How do I want to be seen like? Where are my personal boundaries and how do they look like? How far can I go?



Born in Woronezh / Russia in 1981. She studied Design and Illustration at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, followed by studies in Animation at the Academy of Art and Design Kassel since October 2007. Filmography THE RHYTHM OF THE EVERYDAY LIFE (2008), WAVES OF TIME (2009), FRAMED (2013), and the trailer for the Monstra Festival (in co-direction with Ines Christine Geisser in 2011)


Script: Evgenia Gostrer; Photography:   Tilman Hatje; Editing: Evgenia Gostrer; Animation:  Evgenia Gostrer; Music: Michael Tuttle ; Sound:   Michael Tuttle & Tobias Boehm; Producer: Evgenia Gostrer.



Jury & Audience Award of the 10th Haydauer Filmtage Haydau, Germany


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