First fish

Director:  Veronika Göttlichová

Englisht title:  First fish

Original title: První Rybka

2012/ Czech Republic / Digital/ 13'25''/ Animation/ Colour


An old fisherman sits by the sea, catching small glittering fish, symbolizing his memories. A little girl searches, but doesn’t seem to be able to find her own memory. Instead, she dreams of what life could be when she grows up and keeps hiding her little pink dreams in seashells she finds along the coast. Then one day, the fisherman catches a fish that doesn't belong to him...

A poetic story about the importance of memories and dreams in the cycle of human life.



Veronika Göttlichová, born in 1985, is a Czech visual artist and film maker. After earning her BA in Classical Animation Studies at Film School Zlín, Veronika continued studying animation at the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata University in Zlín, from where she graduated with an MA in 2012. Currently, she works both as an animator and a director at Alternative.NOW, an audiovisual production company for commercial and independent films, of which she is a co-founder. As an animator, she is prolific mainly in the field of classical animation, with a specialty in puppet stop motion. Beside her passion for puppets, Veronika is also fascinated by the sea and its creatures, preferably seahorses. She also has a passion for hummingbirds, bizarre carnival masks, clockwork toys and extravagant colour combinations.


Script:  Veronika Göttlichová;  Photography:   Tomáš Galásek; Editing:  Lukáš Šereš;  Music:  David Göttlich,  Daniel Stanchev, Ondřej Neurokiss;   Sound:   David Kaláč;  Producer:  Tomas Bata University in Zlín



Best Animation Award at Uncanny Valley Animation Festival; Audience Award at Azores Fringe Festival,


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