Clockwork Heart

Director: Manuel Sumberac

Englisht title: Clockwork Heart

Original title: Mehanicko srce

2013/ Croatia/ HD/ 9’/ Animation/ Color


Watchmaker's apprentice through the catharsis of experiences and a nightmare relationship with his master will realize that the perfect clockwork can be initiated only if he completely sacrifices himself.



Born in 1988 in Pula Croatia. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb Animation and New Media Dept.. 2008-2009 worked as lead animator on the animated film GULIVER by Zdenko Basic. 2012. he worked as a lead animator on the short animated film "INDUSTRY" by Livio Rajh. He illustrated several picture books such as "PINNOCHIO" "SNOW WHITE" and "SNOW QUEEN" for Carlton Book Ltd "STEAMPUNK POE" and "STEAMPUNK FRANKENSTEIN" for Running Press "THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS" for Hodder Children's Books as well as numerous book covers published in different countries on several languages.


Script:   Manuel Sumberac; Photography:  Manuel Sumberac; Editing: Manuel Sumberac; Animation: Manuel Sumberac; Music: Vjeran Salamon; Sound:  Vjeran Salamohn; Producer: Ustanova Zagreb film & Academy of Fine Arts


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