Ylljet Alicka
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Professional experience: 1974-1983 - Teacher in the village-North Albania; 1983 1991- Expert in Didactics, Publishing House of Schoolbooks; 1992-1997- Director of  International Relations, Ministry of Culture,  1998-2007- Responsible of  Communication-Delegation of the European Commission Tirana; 2007-2013 Ambassador of Albania in France, Monaco, Portugal; Albanian Permanent Delegate UNESCO; Personal representative of  President of the Republic at International Organization of Francophonie (OIF); 2013 - Professor at European University of Tirana. Publications In Albania “Collection of short stories” ONUFRI; “The compromise”, collection of short stories, ONUFRI; “Stone slogans” ,collection of short stories, Publishing House Albimazh;  "A story with internationals", Novel, OMSCA Publishing house; “A time for kisses”,  short stories“Toena” Publishinghouse Abroad  «Les slogans de pierre », CLIMATES Publishing House, Montpellier ;  “Kompromis”, POGRANICZE Publishing House, Poland;  “I compagni di pietra” Casa editiricce GUARALDI, Italy; “Balkan blood, Balkan beauty”, Northwestern University Press; “Les slogans de pierre” réédition, Edition Pyramidion, Paris ; « Les étrangères » novel, Edition Pyramidion+Edition Chapitre 12, Paris ; « La sloganoj el stonoj » Esperanto, Shtepia botuese Swidnik. Scripts and scenarios : Author of the screenplay "Slogans " French Albanian film, based on the book “Stone slogans”-Aliçka, 2001.The film was selected in the Film Festival of Cannes 2001, Prize of youth critic, Golden prize in the International Festival of Tokyo, 2001…..; Author of the screenplay “The prayer of love” French-Italian-Albanian film based on the book “Compromise”-Aliçka, 2009 National and International prizes: Bronze medal by the International Academy of Lutéce, (literature section) Paris; First Prize, International competition of short stories, TERAMO, Italy;  Second Prize, International competition ARTS ET LETTERS DE FRANCE, Bordeaux ;  “Silver Medal in prose for the 2001”, Albanian Ministry of Culture; “Prix de la Francophonie”, Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ; “First prize of script play”, Albanian Film Festival, Albanian Ministry of Culture;  " Best Novel  of the year 2006 ("A story with internationals"),  "KULT prizes", Tirana; Premio speciale,(“I compagni di pietra”), VII Premio Letterario Nazionale “Libri editi”


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