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Wednesday, 20 September 2017
Jury 2013
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Born in 1981 in Aretxabaleta (Basque Country), Esther Cabero has broad experience working in different cinema and art fields. She graduated in Humanities and Communication at Deusto University and began her career in San Sebastian International Film Festival’s professional area –Sales Office and Industry Club- as the Department Manager’s Assistant, developing wide knowledge on the configuration of the international cinematographic market and the industry representatives. After taking a Master’s Degree in Cultural Management, she worked at the Department of Culture of the Spanish Film Academy and at several artistic projects. Since July 2011, she coordinates the Basque Government’s Kimuak project, a promotion and distribution program for a selection of Basque short films.

Victor Manuel Munoz Garcia
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Festhome is born in 2011 as an idea, an intimate project of two film-makers, Daniel Fenaux and Moisés Tuñón, who were extremely discontent and dissatisfied with the then existing online submission platforms and the way film-makers could communicate with and submit their films to film festivals. The idea turned into a full scale project in the beginning of 2012, with a Beta version of the platform. At the end of the Summer, 2012, Víctor M. Muñoz, another film-maker who had studied at a film school years before with both Festhome's senior partners, is brought into the project as Communications Manager. At the end of 2012, Festhome launches its first fully operational version, and starts to find its place within the world of film festivals and film-makers, taking a great deal of pride in the fact that the missing closeness of rapport festivals and film-makers had with older online submission platforms is no longer missing with Festhome, and also in the fact that the service Festhome provides is ackowledged as most user friendly and lowest in costs by festivals and film-makers.

Arben Zharku
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Arben Zharku – Biography
Born in Kacanik, Kosovo.

Arben Zharku is an actor and producer from Kosovo. He is one of the founders and director of SKENA UP International Students Film and Theatre Festival in Prishtina. He graduated Acting at the Faculty of Arts Prishtina University in 2004 and since 2009 he is an EAVE graduate.
Alongside his commitment at SKENA UP, since 2003 Arben has also been working as a Manager at the Multimedia Centre in Prishtina, which has the aim to develop contemporary, children's theatre and film.
He has performed in different theater performances as well in different films.
In 2011 he won the Best Producer in Abu Dhabi Film Festival.
He is voting member of the European Film Academy.
Since April 2011, he is President of the Board in Kosovo Cinematographic Center, a public film foundation in Kosovo.

Kujtim Gjonaj
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Kujtim Gjonaj is an Albanian screenwriter, director of documentary films and cartoons, producer and publisher. Gjonaj began his career as an editor of documentaries scenarios in the film studio "New Albania".
He started his career in 1969 in Kinostudio.
In 1974 he began his career as a director of film documentaries and as a writer creating scenes for multiple films. His feature film contributions include the script for the 1976 film Call, his first feature film, the 1977 films They Were Four and Circus in the Village and the 1979 movie Advisors. Gjonaj worked for Alba and later established his own film production house, "The Albanian World".
Gjonaj produced biographies of prominent figures such as Ali Pasha Tepelena, Faik Konica, Jeronim de Rada, Naim, Mother Teresa and Sulejman Pitarka.
A tribute to Gjonaj was commemorated during the Festival Cup XII of the Albanian Documentary Film Association in Tirana, Albania, in 2006.
On 16 July 2012, Gjonaj was awarded with the title "Grand Master" accorded by the albanian president.

Albana Nexhipi
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Albana Nexhipi works as a journalist at Albanian based Top Channel TV. She has more than ten years experience on cultural, social and historical features about Albania. Albana Nexhpi is also a translator of books: “Eros e Civilisation”, H.Marcuse; “Homovidens, Televisione e post-pensiero”, G. Sartori, “Una storia scutarina: le prime bandiere marittime mercantili albanesi (1913-1914)”, P. Muner, “Coco Channel, una vita da favola”, A. Signorini, ecct. She was graduated in Language and Albanian Literature at the University of Tirana (SPU) and is specialized in Comparative Literature at the University of Perugia, Italy.

Endri Xhafo
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Endri Xhafo is a journalist with with a wide range of experience in printing press, radio and television and a passion for cinema. Among various tv reports and documentaries, he has realised a documentary about the lyric soprano Inva Mula, "The beatiful dream of Inva",  which was first released on November 12, 2009, in Imperial Cinema Sheraton in presence of the soprano herself, and later broadcasted on Top Channel and DigitAlb. As well as "The Big Change", a 37 minutes report on French presidential elections of May 2012, broadcasted on Top Channel. While his daily show last season on Albanian Screen "Breakfast with Endri" included a special section dedicated to cinema.

Endri Xhafo është gazetar me eksperienca të ndryshme në shtyp, radio dhe televizion, i pasionuar pas kinemasë. Autor i disa reportazheve dhe dokumentarëve televizivë, Endri Xhafo ka realizuar ndër të tjera një dokumentar për sopranon Inva Mula, "Endrra e bukur e Invës" (55 min.), shfaqur premierë në 12 nëntor 2009 në Kinema Imperial Sheraton në prani të vetë sopranos, transmetuar në vijim në Top Channel dhe DigitAlb, apo "Ndryshimi i madh" (37 min.), mbi zgjedhjet presidenciale franceze të Majit 2012, transmetuar po në Top Channel. Kurse emisioni i tij i përditshëm sezonin e kaluar në AS TV "Mëngjes me Endrin" kishte një rubrikë të posaçme kushtuar kinemasë.

Afrim Spahiu
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Ka lindur në Dibër të Madhe, IRJM, më 3 maj 1951. Pas përfundimit të shkollës së mesme në vendlindje,  studioi dhe mori titullin Master i Arteve në Akademinë për Teatër, Film dhe Televizion në Universitetin e Zagrebit,.në ateljenë  e profesor  Nikola Tanhofer.  Gjatë viteve 1970 - 1990,  punoi si kameraman në RTP (Radio Televizioni i Prishtinës),  dhe si drejtor fotografie në Kosovafilm.
Prej 1981 – 1983, ai punoi si bashkpunëtor i jashtëm në Fakultetin e Arteve në Prishtinë, si ligjërues i lëndës së fotografisë në drejtimin e dizajnit grafik.
Gjatë periudhës 1981 – 2013, ai ishte anëtar dhe president  i shumë jurive profesionale në fushën e projekteve komerciale (Show)  arteve vizuale dhe filmit. Ndërsa, gjatë periudhës 2000 -2002 ai punoi si ligjërues i lëndës së  foto-gazetarisë në shkollën e gazetarisë  ‘Faik Konica’.  Prej 2002 - 2005 ai themeloi, ligjëroi  dhe menaxhoi  Institutin për Film dhe Fotografi  ’Gjon Mili’  në Prishtinë. Prej 2007 – 2013 ai punoi si ligjërues i lëndës fotografia analoge-digjitale dhe fotografia e filmit dhe televizionit  në kolegjin AAB në Prishtinë; në Universitetin Shtetëror të Tetovës dhe në kolegjin Evolution në Prishtinë; në Fakultetin e Arteve në Prishtinë;  në Universitetin Ndërkombëtar të Ballkanit në Shkup; IRJM. Që nga viti 1975 e deri më sot, si drejtor fotografie realizoi  mbi 25  filma artistikë e dokumentarë, një numër i të cilëve u vlerësuan dhe u shpërblyen në festivale ndërkombëtare.  Autor dhe redaktor i fotografisë ne 6 monografi  ekskluzive,  katalogë dhe shum  botime nga fusha e bisnesit  , artit dhe  kulturës në përgjithësi.. Puntori profesionale ,prezentime në panele të ndryshme,kurator i disa ekspozitave fotografike të autorëve kosovar, si  dhe i Ekspozitës Ndërkombëtare të Fotografisë Artistike "Gjon Mili",edicioni V,në Galerinë e Arteve Kombëtare, Prishtinë.
Ai poashtu, u prezentua (realizoi)  8  ekspozita vetjake të fotografisë artistike  dhe një numër të madh kolektive.
Për punën  krijuese dhe artistike,nga fusha e fotografisë dhe filmit , ai është shpërblyer me disa çmime kombëtare dhe  ndërkombëtare

Fabrizio Ferrari
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Since 1998, Fabrizio Ferrari has been active in the fields of cinema and cultural events. Beginning with the organization and planning of seminars and workshops on screenplay writing and on digital video, he also created events aiming to promote Italian and foreign cinematography.
Fabrizio assisted David Stephenson (Oscar nomination for Best Soundtrack -"Richard III") and Darren Brisker, working on the sets of various films. Founder the RIFF (Rome Independent Film Festival) Cultural Association. Fabrizio aim is to create, a chance for visibility for Italian and international independent film makers, who are otherwise cut out of the more commercial distribution circuits. With his work in the distribution and promotion of the material received, he has created a network of more than 15 partnerships with international film festivals, receiving support from institutional organizations such as the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Italian Cultural Institutes, and the Embassies of many foreign countries. He's now working at the 13th edition of the RIFF Awards. The creation of romefilmmarket.com, a new VOD web site in focused on indie film is his main present challenge and his bet for the immediate future.

Sergio Stagno
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Born in 1967 in Cagliari, Italy, he graduated in Economics at the University of Cagliari. He deals with video and communication since 1997. He worked for the european music channel  of Tiscali, as a marketing manager.  He is a journalists and co-founder of Netsoul  (communication agency, web and graphic design and video- production).  Expert of communication, he teaches Sociology of communication at IED.
He is co-founder of Skepto international Film Festival.  He has been a jury member at Skepto International Film Festival (Italy).

Eriola Fiore
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Graduated in Milano, Italy, for Literature & Art and Production and Movie Direction. Assistant director in many movies short and featured movies in Italy. Also with a wide experience in event management for the Bergamo Film Meeting In Bergamo, Italy. Worked for two editions of Nga e Para - Extreme Make Over Home Edition in Albania as Production Manager. Currently working for Anima Pictures as Production Manager for commercial tv spots, documentaries and tv shows.

Julian Bejko
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Ph.D. Julian BEJKO. Master and Ph.D. in philosophy, Université Paris 8, France
Full time lecturer, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tirana
Western Sociological Thought; Political Sociology; Analyses and Critics of images. 
Based authors:
Karl Marx; Emile Durkheim; Norbert Elias; Erving Goffman; Zygmunt Bauman; Friedrich Nietzsche; Michel Foucault etc. 
Main questions:
Culture; Civilization; Mores; Manners; Sensibilities; Domestication; Pacification; Violence; War; Extermination; Identity; Biopolitics; Technics; Modernity; Power; State; Bureaucracy; Shoah; Holocaust; Cinema etc.
The Society of Cinema, I, The old regime and the people’s war, Edlora, Tirana, 2012
The Society of Cinema, II, Reform, Duty, Consciousness, Edlora, Tirana, 2013

Blendi Salaj
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Blendi Salaj was born in Tirana in 1979. He is one of the first bloggers, and online publicist in Albania, starting back in 1998 when the internet was still very young and he was a student in the United States. Since returning home in 2008, Mr. Salaj has become a prominent voice in the public discourse with a very popular morning show on Radio and TV and many appearances on important television programs. Holding a degree in Communication, with a concentration in Film, Blendi has combined his natural curiosity, communication skills and humor to become a beloved character in the national media scene.


Katriel Schory
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Executive-Director of The Israel Film Fund
Katriel studied at the New York University Film School and returned to Israel in 1973 to join as the Head of Productions of Kastel Films, Jerusalem, at that time the leading production company in Israel.
In 1983 he was the Associate Producer and Line Producer of the Award winning feature film ”Beyond the Walls", nominated for Best Foreign Film, Academy Awards, the "Oscar", 1985).
In 1984, he formed his own company BELFILMS LTD and produced over 200 films including Award winning Feature Films, Documentaries, T.V Dramas, and International Co-Productions.
In 1999 he accepted the position of the Executive Director of the Israel Film Fund, the main Film Fund in Israel, which supports, encourages and promotes Israeli Feature Films.
He has been engaged in Voluntary Public Activities among them:
•    Chairman of Israel’s Film and Television Producers’ Association;  
•    Member of the National committee for the advancement of Television and Films;
•    Lectured at the Tel Aviv University - Department of Film and  television .


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