Drama, Romance | UK, Albania, Netherlands, Germany | 2014 | 93’


Ivo is an agronomist; pushed by the lack of opportunity in Bari, he accepts a job offer in Banat, a fertile region of Romania. Clara works at renovating boats in the Bari harbor, and is at the end of a long and difficult relationship. Ivo and Clara meet at the apartment he’s leaving and which she’s renting. They instinctively connect, being both at a turning point of their lives. The night they spend together before Ivo’s departure is enough to spark a strong feeling and the desire to meet again. When Clara is fired from her job, she decides to visit Ivo in Romania. Their love is budding on the background of disorientation in this foreign land and the uncertainty of their future. But is this exile their only way to happiness?



Script: Adriano Valerio, Ezio Abbate


Photography: Jonathan Ricquebourg


Editing: Catalin Cristutiu


Sound: Pier-Yves Lavoué


Music: Assen Avramov


Leading actors: Edoardo Gabbriellini, Elena Radonicich, Piera Degli Esposti, Stefan Velniciuc, Ovanes Torosyan

Producer: Mario Mazzarotto, Emanuele Nespeca


Director’s Filmography

37°4s (15’, 2013) - Origene Films with Pianissimo and the support of Canal + , Region Ile de France, Sacem in association with Alcimé Tristan da Cunha Government.

Special Mention, Best Short film Cannes Official  Selection 2013.

Nominated International Critics’ Week Award Venice Film Festival, 2015


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