Drama | Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia, France | 2015 | 103’


“Babai” explores the story of Nori (Val Maloku) and his father Gezim (AstritKabashi) both street cigarette vendor in Kosovo of nineties, during Milosevic regime, where the father wants to find a way to illegally migrate to Germany and his son does everything he can so he could be with his father. Caught between the wish to live together and the need to deal with the harsh reality, the father-son relationship comes to a point where nothing between them is as it used to be.



Script: Visar Morina


Photography: Matteo Cocco


Editing: Stefan Stabenow


Sound: MalteBieler


Music: Benedikt Schiefer


Leading actors: Val Maloku, Astrit Kabashi, Enver Petrovci, Adriana Matoshi, Aurita Agushi, Alban Ukaj, Xhevdet Jashari

Producer: Nicole Gerhards, Visar Krusha, Tomi Salkovski, Xenia Margot

Director’s Filmography

2010 - Death by Suffocation (short film., 30’)

Best Short Fiction, TIFF 2010

2012 - Of Dogs And Wallpaper (short film., 30’)



Best Director, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Label Europa Cinemas, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival


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