Amsterdam Express


Fatmir KOÇI

Drama, Romance | UK, Albania, Netherlands, Germany | 2014 | 93’


A young Albanian emigrant in Amsterdam is precariously caught among the promises and allure of the rich city, the threats of ruthless Albanian drug and sex slave traffickers, his white marriage with a beautiful Dutch girl, and a true love in his poor and backward country. BEKIM, wants to make fast money by doing everything. Instead, he returns bare handed in his country after has paid his last Euros to save a young girl being taken as a sex girl at the Red Windows.





Script: Fatmir Koçi


Photography: Enzo Brandner

Editing: Max Vonk


Sound: Christophe Giovannoni


Music: Art Denisson


Leading actors: Blerim Destani, James Biberi, Flonia Kodheli, Carolien Spoor, Natasha Goulden


Producer: Rozeta Feri, Blerim Destani, Mike Downey


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