Director:  Sebastian Natto

Englisht title: R1138

Original title: R1138

2012/ Germany/ DVCPRO/ 8’/ Experimental/ Colour


He sits in an office, waiting for orders to appear. When orders increases and equipment fails, he hangs himself in his little cabin. But why?



Sebastian Natto was born in Heidelberg, Germany and raised nearby. He started taking photographs at the age of about 6 and came in contact with his father’s super8 camera, doing trick shots during the family's holiday trips. Having used computers since the age of 4, he not only played classic games on an Apple II computer, but soon started creating stories and manipulating imagery.And that's what he still loves to do.


Script: Sebastian Natto; Photography: Ronald Lynne Linder; Editing: Sebastian Natto;  Animation: Sebastian Natto;  Music: Get well soon; Sound: Denis von Truembach;   Leading actors: Denis von Truembach;  Producer: Sebastian Natto, Denis von Truembach



Bermudashorts Mannheim, Shorts Offenburg (Juryprice), Endhirsch Heidelberg (Price), Kratkofil


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