Happy Thoughts

Director: Layke Anderson

Englisht title: Happy Thoughts

Original title: Happy Thoughts

2013/ UK/ HD/ 14’/ Experimental/ Colour


Exploring the constant blurring of modern relationships via the evocative ghosts of a classic tale, a pair of young adversaries are brought back together in the wake of a disaster.



Layke Anderson is a British actor, writer, director and editor. His directorial debut came with Dylan\'s Room, which has screened at over thirty international film festivals, winning seven awards. It was also nominated for Best Short at the British Independent Film Awards. His follow up film, Happy Thoughts, explores some of the darker elements in J.M. Barrie\'s Peter Pan.


Script: Layke Anderson; Photography: Jean-Paul Berthoin; Editing: Layke Anderson, Alejandro Sesma; Music: Tom Green;Sound: Iris Jenkins;  Leading actors: Maya Markelle, Henry Garrett, Gintare Parulyte; Producer: Layke Anderson, Jean-Paul Berthoin, Maggie Russell


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