Among the innocent

Director: Louis Mansfield

Englisht title: Among the innocent

Original title: Among the innocent

2013/ USA/ HD/ 7’/ Experimental/ Colour


A little girl is confronted with total annihilation by a world beyond her understanding.



In 2008 Louis made the decision to take his interest for cinema seriously and embarked upon the shoe string budget feature film, Birth of Separation, with a goal to portray subjects in an honest and uncomfortable, yet familiar environment. Afterward he has written and directed short films such as Non Serviam, Folie Imposיe, Whom God Helps, Monster Party, and Among the Innocent. Louis Mansfield resides in Philadelphia and co-owns the production company Federal Film Reserve LLC. Writer & Director: 2013 Among the Innocent (Short) 2013 Monster Party (Video short) 2012 Whom God Helps (Short) 2011 Non Serviam (Short) 2011 Folie Imposיe (Short) 2010 Birth of Separation (Feature)


Script: Louis Mansfield; Photography: Geoff Morris;  Editing: Louis Mansfield;  Animation: Jason Melcher, Geoff Morris;  Music: Bill Brown;  Sound: Ben Wong;  Leading actors: Jennifer Butler, Harley Sherman, Holden Sherman;  Producer: Christine McDermott


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