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Director: Paolo Zucca
Englisht title:  L’arbitro
2008/ Italy/ 15’

“L’arbitro” tells the story of two thieves. One of them steals a lamb in the country. L 'other is a corrupt referee exiled to Sardinia. Their fates become joined in the pit of hell in a football derby of the lowest category.

Io sono qui
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Director: Mario Piredda
Englisht title: Io sono qui
2009/ Italy/ 20’

Giovanni Asara decides to leave Sardinia and the old friends to enlist with the army in Kosovo, where it will be defeated by a severe illness.

In nome de Diu molla
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Director: Matteo Antonelli
Englisht title:  In nome de Diu molla
2010/ Italy/ 16mm/ 20’

"In Nome de Diu molla" focuses on the story of three main stories. Cristiano (the stranger), a former salesma, Andrea (the entrepreneur), and the Rais, 40 years of age, 23 of them spent a fisherman. He knows the sea like himself.

Deu ci sia
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Director: Gianluigi Tarditi
Englisht title:  Deu ci sia
2010/ Italy/ 14’30’’

The enigma of the Femina Agabbadora for a bitter family portrait, in the short movie signed by Gianluigi Tarditi.

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Director: Jacopo Cullin
Englisht title:  Buio
2013/ Italy/ 6’

It is a comedy and the cast will see the same Jacopo joined by some other big name in the view of the island.

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