Screenplay ContesTIFF 2023


Selected scripts for Pitching
  1. Cocoon by Bo Nawacharee | Thailand
  2. Companion by Mahsa Talebi | Iran
  3. I Am Not Picky by Gang Chen | China
  4. Love On a Rainy Day by Carla Celia Cristina Pekander | Finland
  5. One For All by Victoria Myssik | Kazakhstan
  6. Rudolph by Man-oh Lee | South Korea
  7. Seventeen by Geqi Li | China
  8. Stuck by Fergal O’Byrne | Denmark
  9. Switch by Samuel Lampaert, David Bourgie, Christian Docin Julien | Belgium
  10. Teeth by Lyubo Yonchev | Bulgaria

Screenplay ContesTIFF consists in the application of original live-action and animated short film scripts or other short form scripts of all genres (max. 20 pages) through Filmfreeway platform.

The said competition did not aim to evaluate only the best script, but to evaluate from our partner producers and distributors the best and possible script to be produced by them and with the greatest chances to be successfully distributed in the most popular international festivals for short films.

Needless to say, the priority would lie on the scripts whose story was not necessarily and geographically related to the author’s residence, but which facilitated the production of the film anywhere in Europe and most likely to be shot in Albania as well, thus utilizing local resources, locations, Albanian production companies and Film Commission offices.

Our partners shall award the winner scripts with the Distribution Award by MAILUKI Films and the possibility of signing a production or a distribution contract with our production and distribution partners.

From 84 submitted scripts in the Screenplay ContesTIFF 2022 the winners were:

Distribution Award by MAILUKI Films goes to P by Stelios Koupetoris | Greece and In Your Hands by Carlo Liberatore | Italy. PREMIERE Film Award goes to Among the Living by Joe Zalias | UK

The winners will be announced at TIFF Awards Ceremony, on September 29, 2023.


1. All scripts must be submitted in English.

2. Scripts must be the original work of the author(s) and on the date of submission must be wholly owned and controlled by the author(s) to be eligible for pitching and awards.

3. Project presentation (synopsis, production, shooting locations, reference images or studies, budget, expected year of completion);

4. Storyboard (if any);

5. Once a script has been entered in the competition, under no circumstances will we accept substitutions of new drafts or corrected pages. If you wish to submit a revised draft of your screenplay, you must enter it as a new submission and pay the appropriate entry fee.

6. Submissions should be standard length and should include page numbers on the upper right corner of the page.

7. Once an entry payment has been received, we cannot provide a refund.

TITLE PAGE: Since our judging process is anonymous, please include only the title of your script on your title page. Under no circumstances should your name or contact information appear anywhere within the body of your script.

FEEDBACK: If you are looking for notes and remarks from script doctors you should apply twice and state the reason for the second application.

NOTE: We do recommend that you register your script before submitting it to anyone you do not personally know.