Rules & Regulations

Festival accepts applications in all running times, topics, style and production technologies
and in the following categories: Fiction/Live Action, Animation, Documentary, Experimental
and Video Art.
The director/producer with the submission of his/her application accepts the terms of the
Festival and has no objection to the submission process, screening, and election of prizes.
The director/producer with the submission of the film affirms that he/she has all the
copyrights of audio, video, images and music of the film and he remains responsible before
the law.

Entry fee must be paid online by PayPal (email account: via our
website or if submitted through other available platforms online.
Entry fees are non-refundable.
There are no entry fees for films in Albanian language.
Films in competition must have been completed after January 2019.
Feature films may not be shorter than seventy (70) minutes in length. Short films may not
exceed thirty (30) minutes in length.
Competition in Short/Mid Length Documentary must not exceed sixty (60′) minutes in
length. Documentary films that exceeds sixty (60′ in length) must apply at Feature Films
All films in competition must be an Albanian premiere.
All films must be submitted with English subtitles and/or a timecoded srt file attached.
All requirements specified in the checklist should be sent immediately by e-mail after the
completion of the submission.
Submissions made via platforms online are 100% online and do not require any other
documents to be sent.
All entries must be submitted a downloadable secure link Vimeo or YouTube HD file
compliant with the technical requirements.
Entries must be submitted by June 23, 2020.
Recipients of the Tirana International Film Festival Best Short Film will be eligible for
consideration in the Animated Short Film/ Live Action Short Film category of the Academy
Awards® without the standard theatrical run, provided the film otherwise complies with the
Academy Rules. (Please check the rules at:
Eligible students can submit one film to the Student Academy Awards if that film meets all
other eligibility criteria and has been selected for screening in competition at three film
festivals recognized by the SAAs over the last two years.
(For more information, please visit the following link:

Required items for submitted films:
● A secure link downloadable. Are acceptable for application only preview private links, not
wetransfer or other cloud-based computer file transfer service.
● Dialogue list in English and/or voiceover’s text for all films, including films in English.
● Still frames (print quality, at least 3Mb).
● Separate electronic press kit (EPK) with a passport-sized photo of the film’s director(s),
synopsis, list of credits, biography and/or filmography, festival and awards. Additional
material is welcome.
● A trailer file up to 500 Mb in size.

Please note that the online screening link (with English subtitles) of the film can be
downloaded for the use by TIFF team and the password remains valid until the end of TIFF.
Applicants must apply clearly for each one of new services. Fill the appropriate field in the
entry form. On submitting a film, the applicant accepts that the film can be selected for any
of the competitions and/or for another program section.
TIFF reserves the right to invite films outside the specified deadlines.
In case of a film being selected, the festival will notify the applicant and/or director,
producer, distributor of the film no later than on August 23, 2020.
Once the film has been selected the applicant may use the TIFF logo and the relevant TIFF
laurel for publicity purposes. The file will be sent in digital form.
Due to the volume of entries received, TIFF cannot offer individual feedback of declined
Once the participation of a film selected for the one of the competitions has been confirmed
by the Director or the Producer, no cancellation is admitted. Should this occur, a lump sum
of 1000,00 Euros will be paid to the Tirana Film Festival as compensation for damage.

All films must be available for festival screening in DCP.
All films submitted optionally for the Parallel Screenings must include a signed and properly
filled in entry form, whether it is submitted by postal mail or through online platforms.
Each selected film will be screened not more than three times during TIFF.
There is no screening fee for films in competition.
By filling the submission form, the applicant authorizes TIFF to use and publish press
packages, posters, specified materials and information in the TIFF catalogue, programs,
flyers, promotional materials and in press for promotional purposes.
For the purposes of publicity all film entries agree that up to three minutes of the selected
film may be used by TIFF for promotional activities. Up to three minutes of the competing
film may be shown on the TIFF website, official social networks and in media TV partners.

TIFF offers 3 days full board accommodation to the director or producer representing the
selected film in competition during the Festival.
Other guests will be provided with facilities for accommodation and tariffs.
Guests of the festival are not covered by the festival’s insurance.
Anyone who wants to attend the festival must fill out an accreditation form online via

All films will be insured for the period that they are in the festival’s possession. In the case of
loss or damage during this period, the festival is only responsible for the replacement value
of the disc. Only films in perfect condition for projection will be accepted.
The submitting party or the film-maker has insured the exhibition copy for damage and loss,
and TIFF is not liable for any damage or loss during shipping, preview or screening.

All filmmakers of official selected films will be notified via e-mail and on the TIFF website
approximately four weeks before the festival. Shipping instructions for films selected for
competition will be included upon notification.
The festival will pay for one-way shipping of DCPs screening feature films by forwarding
them to their next destination approximately four weeks after the conclusion of the festival.
All films/discs chosen to compete in the festival must arrive in Tirana, Albania by September
1, 2020.
Label the outside of the package: FOR FESTIVAL ONLY – NO COMMERCIAL VALUE
Do NOT courier film discs to Albania via EMS or other similar couriers, as you may be liable
for duties which the festival will not pay. If this is done by the filmmakers, TIFF will return
the discs at the cost to the filmmakers. All customs duties and taxes incurred when sending
packages with express couriers must be paid by the sender. TIFF will refuse any packages
that arrive cash-on-delivery.
Address: Njësia 5, Pall.1 Maji, Shk.18/54, 1022 Tirana-ALBANIA
Phone: +355 672088771

I want to compete in the following sections:

Ɵ Fiction Ɵ Documentary Ɵ Animation Ɵ Video Art & Experimental
Ɵ In Albanian Ɵ Student Ɵ Balkan Film Ɵ Non-Competition

I want to participate in the following services​:

Ɵ​ TIFF.TV Competition (one year of rights) ​Ɵ​ TIFF on Tour (five years of rights) Ɵ​ TIFF Online Library (five years of rights)​ Ɵ​ TIFF Market Corner (two years of rights)

ENTRY DEADLINE​: June 23, 2020