Alfred Lela

Alfred Lela has a bachelor degree on 1996 -2000 in the University of Tirana From 2001 -2002 he frequented the  University of Massachusetts-Boston for Political Science In-1998-2000.  He works as political reporter and has an assignment editor for the district reporters in the  Albanian daily “Shekulli. In 2002 -2004 works for Herb Chambers Auto Group as a Sales and Leasing Consultant. In 2004 -2006  he became the Internet Sales Director of   Herb Chambers Auto Group.  From 2008 till 2009  works as screenwriter at    TV 'Vizion Plus' at the programme 'Bypass Show”. In 2010-2011  he was the deputy editor in chief of   MAPO daily newspaper . In 2011 he became the editor in chief of MAPO Magazine. He was the founder of the e-magazine “Fletore Shqiptare”.
From 2000 till present he Op-Ed for the following Albanian newspapers: “Shekulli”, Illyria”, “Korrieri”. In 2006 he was the co-founder and Advisory Board  member of Maas-Besa a not-for-profit Albanian-American Foundation. He translates various books from English to Albanian.