Belina Jano


Belina Jano was born in Durrës, Albania. She has finished the bachelor

studies for Business Management and Marketing by State University of New York and holds a master in Producing for Film and Television from New York Film Academy, Los Angeles, California, USA.

During the past 5 years, she lectured Movie Production at Marubi Film Academy in Tirana, and is still enrolled in lecturing Media Production at AAB University in Pristina, Kosovo.

Having the desire to experiment in the home country she jumped from working on Television, to partnering up with Red Production, with main offices in Belgrade, Serbia, where she has been holding the role of Producer for over 4 years, working so in different commercials for clients such as Vodafone, OTE TV, Raiffeisen Bank, etc.

Despite many positions through out these past 10 years, as a producer, co-producer, assistant producer, for film, animations, commercials, Belina has worked as post-production and VFX producer, in big budget projects such as “Iron Clad Battle for Blood 2” from director Jonathan English, “Dark Summer”, directed by Paul Solet.

In 2013, she attended Robert Bosch Stiftung, with a feature documentary project titled “The Girl Who Became a Boy”.

In 2015, Belina produced two documentaries, in co-production with LoupeProduktion, Germany, which aired on Arte in France and Germany.

In 2016, she was selected to attend CineLink workshops and co-production market, which where held in Sarajevo, Bosnja and Hercegovina, as the producer of the feature film “Looking for Venera”, where she won the MDM Eave Scholarship to attend on 2017.