We're Not In Paradise

Director:  Lendita Zeqiraj

Title in English:  We're Not In Paradise
Original title:  On est pas au paradis

2011/ France/ HD/ 30’/ Documentary/ Colour

Script:  Lendita Zeqiraj; Photography:  Remi Mazet; Editing:  Amir Hamdani, Nidham Farah, Lendita Zeqiraj; Sound:  Pellumb Ballata;  Leading actors:  Fouad Chengui, Retbi, Krucial; Producer: Lendita Zeqiraj;

Blurred and forgotten identity as the pervasive French culture absorbs their North African heritage, growing up in the concrete wastelands of France’s low-income in the suburbs (banlieues), wounded by rejection, the only way left of expressing their rage and pain is rap.

An award-winning Kosovar Director and Scriptwriter, she's worked on a number of shorts, feature and documentary films, which have participated in many International Festivals, such as: Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Bradford Film Festival, New York Independent Film and Video Festival etc., winning prizes in number of them.


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