The Infinite Jest

Director:  David Munoz

Title in English:  The Infinite Jest
Original title:  La broma infinita

2011/ Spain/ HD/ 18’/ Documentary/ Colour

Script: David Munoz; Photography: David Munoz; Editing: David Munoz; Music:  Ry Cooder, Fran Simon; Sound:  Beltran Rengifo; Leading actors:  Haroon Sheikh, Lucas Galan, Masayuki Fujita, Ertugrul Bozkurtz, Jason Murrison, Omarou Idrissa; Producer:  David Munoz

The economy conditions our lives. Scarcity is a restriction imposed by nature itself. It is not a human invention. It is an unresolved dilemma. An endless fight for survival.

Founder and Director of Hibrida, a film production company based in Spain. He writes, directs and produces documentary films, multi-awarded in international film festivals. Winner of Goya Award 2010 of Spanish Film Academy for Best Spanish Short Documentary Film with Flowers of Rwanda. Jury Award 2011 for Best Short Documentary in 7th Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival with The Infinite Jest. He has also participated as Juror in international film festivals and worked as teacher at film schools. Selection Filmography: The Infinite Jest (2011) Three Sad Tigers (2010) Flowers of Rwanda (2008) Human Development (2007)

Documentary Film Award I Festival De Cine Social La Villa (Spain) - 3rd Award To Best Short Film Viii Festival Internacional De Cine Social Castilla La Mancha (España) - Special Mention Of The Jury Certamen De Cortometrajes De Burgos (Spain) - Finalist To Best Short Film Award V Festival Internacional De Cine El Sector (Spain) - Finalist To Best Short Documentary Film Award Urban Tv 2011 (Spain) - Finalist To Best Film Award Screened In Official Sections At Xv Festival De Cine Español Y Latinoamericano De Malaga(Spain)


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