Director: Benet Roman

Title in English: Femei
Original title: Femei

2010/ Romania& Spain/ HD/ 12’/ Documentary/ Colour

Script: Alejandra Musi, Benet Roman; Photography: Benet Román; Editing: Benet Roman; Music: Frank Rudow; Sound: Roman Benet; Producer: Penélope Cristóbal Casado, María del Puy Alvarado

Femei is a short documentary that responds, through the testimonies of women representing different ages and social classes, how these new European look at the world, what is their daily struggle and what they expect of the future. A look at the current Romanian women and their main challenges.

Bachelor of Communication (UAB), has made music videos and concerts for groups such as Manta Ray, Australian Blonde, Niños Mutantes, Miguel Bose, Ana Torroja, Victoria Abril and the Swing Murderer, among many others. Julia Ignacio directed with musical programs Republic Pop Lab 2230 and BTV. He is the director of the short documentary Nisaa and Fighters , nominated for Best Short Documentary at the 2009 Goya Awards, which belong to the series Women in the World produced by Christopher Malvalanda and Penelope. Currently still making music, TV shows, documentaries, audiovisual presentations and advertising.


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