Ethos Process Part II

Director:  Spyros Amiropoulos

Title in English:  Ethos Process Part II
Original title:  Ethos Process Part II

2011/ Greece/ HD/ 17’/ Documentary/ Colour

Script:  Sotiris Zikos; Photography:  Enzo Karanasios; Editing:  Giorgos Angeludis;
Music:  Haris Capetanakis; Sound:  Enzo Karanasios; Leading actors:  Emmy Kontogianidou, Sotiris Zikos; Producer:  Spyros Amiropoulos

An actress, a performance and a psychotherapy session. The vanishing point between a theatrical part and real life.

Spyros Amiropoulos. He studied film direction at the "Parallaxi" film school in Thessaloniki in the mid 90s, and since then he has been working in the field in various positions. 1997 I Don't Know Who Short 10' 1998 Glassy Short 20' 1999 I'll Tell Mama Short 20' 1999 Bang Short 30' 2008 Invitation to Dinner Short 16' 2010 Ethos Process Part I Short 29' 2011 Ethos Process Part II Short Documentary 17'


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