Il Solengo




A group of elders gathers in a hunting lodge and recalls the life of Mario “ de’ Marcella”, a man who lived in a cave over 60 years of his life. Why he chose to live a solitary existence is unknown. Perhaps it had something to do with a mysterious and tragic event of his childhood. Those who saw him while hunting referred to him as “il Solengo”, like the male boar who lives away from the pack.

Director Alessio Rigo de Righi Matteo Zoppis

Producers Gustavo Beck Tommaso Bertani Agustina Costa Varsi Massimiliano Navarra Neli Rigo

Executive Producer: Hanka Kastelicová

Cinematographer Simone D’Arcangelo

Editor Andrés P. Estrada

Sound Designer Marcos Molina

Music Vittorio Giampietro



Ercole Colnago Bruno di Giovanni Ugo Farnetti Giovanni Morichelli Orso Pietrini



Golden Globes, Italy Nominated

Rotterdam International Film Festival Nominated


2015 | Argentina, Italy | 70’


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