The medicine seller

Director: Antonio Morabito

Englisht title:  The medicine seller

Original title: Il venditore di medicine

2013/ Italy& Czech Republic/ HD/ 103’/ Fiction/ Color



Bruno is a medical representative. His firm, ‘Zafer’, is going through a bad period. Bruno is ready to do anything not to lose his job: corrupt doctors, cheat on colleagues, betray the loyalty of those who are closer to him. Bruno is the last ring of the chain of bribery, an illegal practice that Zafer, as many other pharamceutical companies, practices in order to convince doctors to prescribe their medicines. And if a few doctors refuse to play this game, many of them do not refuse at all.


Antonio Morabito was born in Carrara in 1972. After graduating in Film Direction, he attended a Scriptwriting MD at CEEA (Conservatoire Européen d’Ecriture Audiovisuelle) in Paris. He directed several short films, among them “Ulna e Ragno” and “Cecilia”, screened at the most important international film festivals (Clermont-Ferrand, Toronto, St.Petersbourg, Cracow, Torino 2nd prized, Sacher festival, Berlinale Talent Campus). A full-length film was developed from the short film “Cecilia” and released in 2003. In the following four years he worked for Sky and Rai as a director of formats and documentaries. In 2007, after circulating in social centres, film clubs and festivals, the documentary about the anarchist movement “Non son l’uno per cento” was released in theatres (1st Prize Sergio Leone, Sulmona Cinema, Italia Doc Casa Del Cinema, Contemporary Museum of Raykievic – Island, Ambulante film fest - Mexico, Projectile film fest - London). He worked as a screenwriter for Sagrera Audiovisual, now Miramares Studios, for which he wrote the tv movie “Ullals” for the Catalan network TV3. He collaborated with Il Manifesto, Umanità Nova, Greenpeace e Union Latine. He also worked in France with Artadam studio in Paris. His film doc “Che cos’è un Manrico” will be shown at the 30th Sulmona Cinema Festival 2012, directed by Roberto Silvestri (award “Best Director”). “Il venditore di medicine” with Claudio Santamaria, is produced by Amedeo Pagani for Classic Srl (IT) and  Peacock Film (CH), and distributed by Cinecittà Luce.


Script:   Antonio Morabito, Michele Pellegrini, Amedeo Pagani; Photography:  Duccio Cimatti; Editing: Duccio Cimatti; Music: Andrea Guerra; Sound:  Jürg Lempen; Leading actors: Claudio Santamaria, Isabella Ferrari, Evita Ciri , Marco Travaglio , Roberto De Francesco, Ignazio Oliva, Giorgio Gobbi, Vincenzo Tanassi, Leonardo Nigro, Ippolito Chiarello,  Alessia Barela, Paolo De Vita, Pierpaolo Lovino, Beniamino Marcone, Roberto Silvestri; Producer:  Amedeo Pagani


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