Love me!

Director:   Philipp Eichholtz

Englisht title:  Love me!

Original title: Liebe Mich!

2014/ Germany/ HD/ /80’/ Fiction/ Color



Sarah is loud, non-conform, rude, honest and provocative. She seems invincible, but she is lonely and lost. Struggling with her daily life.


Director Philipp Eichholtz born 22.10.1982 in Germany. Besides many Music videos, Short films and one documentary - LOVE ME! Is his feature Film Debutr


Script: Philipp Eichholtz; Photography: Fee Scherer; Editing: Daniel Stephan; Music: Luca, Ezra Furman; Sound: Matthias Lindner; Leading actors: Lilli Meinhardt, Peter Trabner, Christian Ehrich, Axel Ranisch;   Producer: Philipp Eichholtz, Oliver Jerke;


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