Indian summer

Director:  Gejza Dezorz

Englisht title: Indian summer

Original title:  Babie leto

2013/ Slovakia/ HD/ 90’/ Fiction/ Color



Autumn will be hot. To the town, lost somewhere at the end of the world, the Indian summer comes back again. Moreover, Biely comes back from prison. After ten years in prison he comes home, to native Košice, just for one thing. To revenge on his former companions for stolen honor, family youth spent behind the bars. And the wild ride through even wilder East, local underworld, Roma ghetto and side passages directly in the historical heart of the capital city of the Slovak periphery begins.


Robert Šuchta (stage name Gejza Dezorz) studied at University of Performing Arts. He worked as a director of independent theatre productions in different Slovak theatres with a lot of success even in abroad. He is oriented on film and TV production.He founded Dezorz‘s Puppetry Theater for adults in 2004. TV series: 2011 Affairs - TV JOJ 2009 Radio - TV Markíza 2008 Crime Scene Investigation Angel- TV Nova 2007 Mysteries of Slovakia /director of some parts of docs series/ 2005/06 Castaway for 48 hours) /director of four parts 2005 Family Secrets/co-author of script Documentaries: 2011 Devin‘s Carnage- screenplay, director Fiction: 2007 Apricot Island - 2nd unit director


Script: Agda Bavi Pain, Gejza Dezorz; Photography: Richard Žolko; Editing: Milan Kaliňák; Music: Marián Čekovský; Sound: Miroslav Masica, Ján Hetmer; Leading actors: Alexander Bárta, Jevgenij Libezňuk, Igor Krempašský, Agi Gubíková, Jaroslav Mottl, Aladár Slepčík, Péter Nádasdi; Producer: Marian Urban


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