Ideal Family

Director: Erion Kovaci
Englisht title:  Ideal Family
Original title:  Familia Ideale
2013/ Greece/ HD/ 17’/ Documentary/ Colour- B&W


Script:  Erion Kovaci; Photography: Erion Kovaci;  Editing:  Alkistis Kafetzi;  Music: Familia Ideale;  Sound:  Ibo; Producer:  Erion Kovaci;  


The members of the group Familia Ideale, who have been raised and live in Greece, talk about the difficulties they face singing albanian hip hop in a foreign country, about racism, Golden Dawn , the economic crisis and their dreams....


Erion Kovaci came to Greece at an early age, studied directing, he is involved with photography, sculpture and writing. His poems have been published in newspapers. He has worked with modeling agencies while in the film \"Chamomile\" of Neritan Zintziria worked as a still photographer. The documentary Familia Ideale is his second documentary.



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