Dream girl

Director: Oliver Schwarz
Englisht title: Dream girl
Original title:  Traumfrau
2013/ Germany/ 35mm/ 20’/ Documentary/ Colour

Script:  Oliver  Schwarz; Editing:  Kälin Stefan;  Music:  Marcel Vaid;  Sound:  Reto Stamm;  Leading actors:  Dirk H.  & Jenny;  Producer: Edith  Flückiger


For most of his life, Dirk has been searching for the woman of his dreams. After several failed relationships and a burnout, he finally seems to have found the love of his life, Jenny: the perfect match at first sight - but somehow fundamentally different.

Born 1986 in Bern/Switzerland. after completing a course in business studies, oliver Schwarz went on a number of work experiences with film production companies. in 2008, he began the Bachelor course at the video department of the lucerne university of applied Sciences and arts. he graduated in 2012 with his final, “Dream Girl”. Since then, oliver has been working as a film director and author at lomotion aG film productions in Berne.



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