Director: Dirk Decker
Englisht title:  Beige
Original title:  Beige
2011/ Germany/ HD/ 15’/ Documentary/ Colour

Script: Sylvie Hohlbaum;  Photography:  Mark Liedtke;  Editing:  Nina Schley, Kerstin Helfer;  Music:  Ralf Junkers;  Sound: Rolf Manzei;  Producer: Dirk Decker, Andrea Schütte


There seems to exist a clandestine dress code for German “best agers”: They all wear beige! Will we all beigify one day?!?


Born 1970 in Frankfurt/Main; studied Documentary Filmmaking at HfG Offenbach; lives and works as freelance author and director in Hamburg. 2012 “Beige”, Documentary, 35mm, 15 mins. 2004/2005 “Freie Weihnachten”, Documentary, Germany/Russia, DVD, 8 mins. 2003 “Countdown”, Mockumentary, Beta SP, 4 mins. “Viva Las Vegas Weekender 2002”, Documentary, USA, Beta SP, 20 ,mins. “If You Drive Hammered, You Get Nailed! ”, Montage, VHS, 11,5 mins. “Come to Lobo Valley”, Documentary, USA, Mini DV, 2,5 mins. 2002 “No.13”, Videomontage, 3 mins. “Wenn der Eisberg kalbt”, Documentary, with G. Schubert, Beta SP, 7 mins. “Billy”, Documentary, USA, Beta SP, 22 mins. 

1st Price exGround Filmfest Wiesbaden 2012 ; 2nd Price Schwenninger Kurzfilmfest 2012



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