Tears of Inge

Director: Alisi Telengut
Englisht title:  Tears of Inge
Original title:  Tears of Inge
2013/ Canada/ DVD/ 5’/ Animation/ Colour

Animation: Alisi Telengut; Editing:  Alisi Telengut; Music:  Huun Huur Tu Carmen Rizzo;  Sound: David Fiorentino;   Producer: Alisi Telengut


A profound human-animal and human-nature relationship is represented by a painted world filled with a camel’s emotion and tears. The film is based on a real Mongolian nomadic story narrated by my grandmother.

Tengri is my graduation film from Concordia University. It’s about an old Mongolian tradition, wind burial. When someone dies, the corpse is carried on a cart until a bump causes the body to fall. The place where the corpse lands becomes a simple tomb. Credits: director, animator, editor Technique: direct animation, painted mainly with oil pastels, shot on Canon digital camera



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