Director: Lucas Gregor
Englisht title:  Refusal
Original title: Refusal
2013/ Norway/ HDTV/ 5’/ Animation/ Colour

Script:   Dominik Urban; Photography:  Jose Eduardo Garcia Aldana;  Editing:  Dominik Urban; Animation: Dominik Urban; Music:   Dominik Urban;Sound:  Dominik Urban;  Producer:  Lukas Gregor.


A stray canine creature lives independently in a humongous filthy city, until he gets caught by a catcher and locked in the a dog pound. The creature strives to break free until the situation seems futile, when rather chooses the most drastic solution than to imprisoned.

Dominik Urban was a student at Tomas Bata University in Zlin in the Czech Republic, and spent half of his studies in Norway in town Volda at Volda University College, where hhe made his graduation film “ Refusal”, using an usual combination of techniques- stop motion puppets on a green- screen and 3D CGI backgrounds.



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