Mr. Hublot

Director: Laurent Witz
Englisht title:  Mr. Hublot
Original title:  Mr. Hublot
2013/ Luxenburg/ DVD/ 12’/ Animation/ Colour

Script: Laurent Witz;   Photography:   Pascal Thibaux; Editing:  Jean-Christophe Craps;  Animation: Mickael Coedel;   Music:   Francois Rousselot, Li-Lo*; Sound: Lady Ice;Producer:  Laurent Witz


Mr Hublot is a withdrawn, idiosyncratic character with OCD, scared of change and the outside world. Robot Pet's arrival turns his life upside down: he has to share his home with this very invasive companion...


Born in Haguenau in 1975, Laurent Witz gets rapidly passionate about graphic arts. He graduates from the Metz Fine Arts Institute in 1998. Self-taught, he learns 3D creation and animation during his studies and directs four short films between 1997 and 1998. The following years, he regularly works for studios where he supervises, directs and develops animated projects. Among other projects, he is a supervisor on the television series Wordworld, T'choupi and Noukies. In 2007, Laurent founds ZEILT productions Luxembourg, , to further his vision of animation and audiovisual production.In 2012-2013, he produces, writes and co directs Mr Hublot.



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