De Riria Subasutaimu

Director: Shinsaku Hidaka
Englisht title: De Riria Subasutaimu
Original title:  De Riria Subasutaimu
2013/ Japan/ HD/ 13’/ Animation/ Colour

Script: Shinsaku Hidaka  Editing:   Shinsaku Hidaka; Animation: Shinsaku Hidaka; Sound:   Shinsaku Hidaka; Producer:  Shinsaku Hidaka


I lost my child. They also lost their child. A husband leaves a hospital a wife and goes home. He is walking in despair. However, his heart was not fulfilled by despair. He feels sin for that. And he sleeps.

Shinsaku was born in Miyazaki Japan in 1978. After graduating from Fukuoka University in 2000 with a degree in Architecture he worked at an architectural design firm for four years. After leaving the firm, began work in film production. His films “Bones” and “ Koisuru Nezumi” have won awards in Japan.



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