Director: Alireza Nosrati
Englisht title:  Clink
Original title: Jiring
2013/ Iran/ HD/ 4’/ Animation/ Colour


Script:  Alireza Nosrati;  Animation: Abolfazl  Boroumandi; Editing:  Amir Mehran;  Sound:  Foad Emrani ; Producer: Amir Mehran 


In an unknown location, a man is piling up coins falling from the sky and climbing them up. It’s not clear what he means by that until …

Born in a small Village, I grew up in a nice city full of gardens, filling my soul with the love of nature and art. My parents called me Alireza, a very common name for a boy in Iran. At the age of 18, I started my studies in the Faculty of Art at Tehran University. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Designing in 2000. I am now a professional graphic designer, mostly interested in caricature. Nevertheless, writing stories from time to time gives me a great pleasure. I love people with all their joys and pains. As a result, the motto that I believe in and abide by is “bridge the gap between the nations with art”. To me, a world free of turmoil would be a much better place to live in. But, just imagine a world without any human being then who will enjoy the blessing of a rich environment? My biggest wish in life is to witness a day when all children would unanimously sing the song of love and peace. I am very curious to know about different people and to experience new realms of culture. I also do believe that borders in the world are only drawn for political reasons and not as lines to divide people’s hearts. At the present time, I work as a graphic designing supervisor in TV Chanel. While activating my imagination, most of my artistic activity goes to television graphics such as designing concepts, logos and titles and at the end, making specific graphic spaces for TV programs.


Excellent Prize from the 22nd Yomiuri International Cartoon contest; Chairperson's Prize from the 15th Oomiya Citizen's Cartoon Festival;
Special Prize from the 21st International Nasereddin Hodja Cartoon contest; 
Diploma for Performance from International Festival of Cartoon Romania 2001;
Master Prize from the 2002 Taiwan International Cartoon contest;  
Special Prize from the 1st International Cartoon contest, Hyderabad, India;
Excellent Prize from the China LM International Cartoon Exhibition, 2005;
Special Prize from the International Cartoon contest, Diva Romania, 2006;
Winner of the "Vibre Poster Festival", Tehran, 2009;
Honorable Mention from 1st International Exhibition "Poster for a Healthier World",Mexico, 2010;  Winner of the 1st prize at the 15th annual Iranian Cinema (Khaneh Cinema) for designing posters of the film "A Separation"



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