AWARDS 16th edition TIFF 2018 »   INTERNATIONAL FEATURE COMPETITION The jury composed by: Andrea Wink (Germany), Besnik Krapi (Kosovo), Marija Perovic (Montenegro) GOLDEN OWL - BEST FEATURE FILM Irina by Nadejda Koseva | Bulgaria | 2018 A strong story about surviving in unpleasant surrounding through female character that shows how we can forgive and find the hope at the end. Një historie të fuqishme mbi mbijetesën në një mjedis të pakënaqshëm përmes një personazhi femër, e cila tregon si mund të ... Newsletter 2018 »   Tirana International Film Festival is the most important cinematographic event that takes place in Albania. Not only because is the oldest and most experienced but also for the highest number of applications, selective films’ capability, the rich program, fascinating discoveries and premieres of the most important cinematic films’ market today in the world. For all mentioned reasons, Tirana International Film Festival after applying was qualified as Festival from  the  Academy of Art an... Programme 2018 » Competition: 1. FEATURE INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION (Feature - EYE on TIFF) 2. SHORT INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION (Live Action - Animation - Student - Video Art & Experimental) 3. DOCUMENTARY INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION (Feature - Mid - Short Lengths) 4. BALKAN COMPETITION (Feature - Short) 5. IN ALBANIAN COMPETITION Non Competition: 1. SPECIAL SCREENINGs 2. FOCUS ( For Another Dream May '68 - Oscar® Nominated Short films 2018 - OIPLA Animation Poland 2018 - IVAN ARGOTE Video Art) 3. PAN... Festival description » GENERAL INFORMATION Tirana International Film Festival, which is implemented by the Tirana Film Institute,  is the biggest and the oldest Film Festival in Albania, placed in the capital city Tirana. The Festival was created in 2003 (it was the first film festival after 1 decade of gap from the official state film festival organized during the communism regime until 1990). The Festival is internationally recognized and screens every year more than 200 movies of all genres (feature, short, fictio...
Monday, 17 December 2018
Official selection
FEATURE FILMS - TIFF 2017 (15'th edition)
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A Balkan Noir Dražen Kuljanin Sweden, Montenegro 2017
Beneath the Silence Erez Mizrahi, Sahar Shavit Israel 2016
Black Crow Tayfur Aydin Turkey 2016
Daybreak Gentian Koçi Albania, Greece 2017
Directions Stephan Komandarev Bulgaria, Germany, Macedonia 2017
Glory Kristina Grozeva, Petar Valchanov Bulgaria 2016
Ministry of Love Pavo Marinković Croatia 2016
Mothering Roqiye Tavakoli Iran 2017
Unwanted Edon Rizvanolli Kosova 2017


SHORT FICTION FILMS - TIFF 2017 (15'th edition)
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8 Minutes George Gogichaishvili, David Abramishvili Georgia 2017
A Swedish Classic Måns Berthas Sweden 2017
Animal Bahman & Bahram Ark Iran 2017
Blue in Green Leigh Heiman Pruzanski Israel 2016
Building No.13 Amir Gholami Iran 2016
Burning Slimane Bounia France 2016
Check-list Frédéric Mosbeux Belgium 2017
Everyday Philippe Orreindy France 2017
Fluffy Lee Filipovski Serbia 2016
FU Ilya Aksenov Russia 2017
Helga is in Lund Thelyia Petraki Greece 2016
Hyménée Violaine Bellet France 2017
Ice Anna Hints France 2017
Isabella Claudio Pelizzer Italy 2017
Lithuania Iker Arce Spain 2016
Maybe Tomorrow Martin Illiev Bulgaria, Germany 2017
No Connection Risto-Pekka Blom Finland 2017
Red Light Toma Waszarow Bulgaria, Croatia 2017
Retouch Kaveh Mazaheri Iran 2017
Shadow of Man Kristof Sagna France 2016
Shmama Miki Polonski Israel 2017
So Close Vito Bonev Bulgaria 2017
So That Mom Is Happy Asya Mozhegova Russia 2017
The Brother Lea Triboulet France 2016
The Children Will Come Ana Jakimska Macedonia 2017
The Interview Marc Gurung France 2016
The Plumber Méryl Fortunat-Rossi & Xavier Séron France 2016
The Smoke Ivan Plechev Russia 2017
Vampire Álex Montoya Spain 2016
Vampirisimus Massimiliano Nardulli, Gabriele Saffioti Romania, Italy 2017
Variation on a Theme of Violence Jeremy Nicholas Australia 2017
Whoever Was Using This Bed Andrew Koťátko Australia 2016
Young Men at their Window Loukianos Moshonas France 2017
DOCUMENTARY Full-length - TIFF 2017 (15'th edition)
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69 Minutes of 86 Days Egil Haskjold Larsen Norway 2017
Blood and the Moon Tommaso Cotronei Italy, Yemen 2017
Jeffrey Yanillys Perez Dominican Republic, France 2017
Mr. Gay Syria Ayse Toprak Turkey 2017
Siberian Love Olga Delane Germany 2016
The Charro of Toluquilla José Villalobos Romero Mexico 2016
Tonino Daniele Ceccarini, Mario Molinari Italy 2017
DOCUMENTARY Mid-length - TIFF 2017 (15'th edition)
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Everybody Knows... Elizabeth Murray Kristi Zea USA 2016
Imma Pasquale Marino Italy 2017
On the Edge of Life Yaser Kassab Syria 2017
Prohibited Visit Nikos Theodosiou Greece 2017
Saint Lazarus's Miracle Nicolas Muñoz Avia Spain 2016
Valentina Maximilian Feldmann Germany 2016
SHORT DOCUMENTARY FILMS - TIFF 2017 (15'th edition)
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1,4 Sextillion Litre Doro Götz Germany 2017
8 Days of Parlor Zoe Phylactidou Cyprus 2016
Born of Stone Emilio Bellu Italy, Czechia 2016
Dragon Circle Gertrud Schulte Westenberg Germany 2016
Evripidou 14 Michael Demetrius Greece 2016
Golden Hour Claudia Vogt Germany 2017
Happy Happy Baby Jan Soldat Germany 2017
In Search of the Land Without Evil Anna Azevedo Brazil 2017
Jungle Colia Vranici France 2016
Miss Holocaust Michalina Musielak, Irena Siedlar Poland 2017
Nobody Dies Here Simon Panay France 2016
Sabine’s Nursery Manuel Rees Germany 2016
Sand Men Tal Amiran UK 2016
Sarajevo Femme Fatale Joanna Zielinska Bosnia 2016
Street of Death Karam Ghossein Lebanon 2017
The Beast Underneath Anaelle Morf Switzerland, Canada 2017
The Brick House Eliane Esther Bots Netherlands 2016
The Daytime Is Not For Me Akvilė Žilionytė Lithuania 2017
The Gold Rush Raúl de la Fuente Spain 2017
The Last Tape Igor Kosenko Germany 2017
The Lectora Yulia Piskuliyska UAE, Cuba 2017
Thea Halvor Nitteberg Norway 2016
To the Dead Mauricio Arango USA, Colombia 2016
SHORT ANIMATED FILMS - TIFF 2017 (15'th edition)
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Aiport Michaela Müller Switzerland 2017
And the Moon Stands Still Yulia Ruditskaya Belarus 2017
Bystander Sheyda Kashi Iran 2017
Chill and Shivering Kwok Wai Chung Philip Hong Kong 2016
Confined Nico Bonomolo Italy 2016
Framed Marco Jemolo Italy 2017
In Exile Alexander Kurilov Moldova 2016
Light Sight Seyed M. Tabatabaei Iran 2016
Manivald Chintis Lundgren Estonia 2017
Nothing Happens Uri & Michelle Kranot Denmark 2017
Our Wonderful Nature – The Common Chameleon Tomer Eshed Germany 2016
Pet Man Marzieh Abrarpaydar Iran 2017
Round Trip Mary Zharko Ivanov Macedonia 2016
Sand Arjan Brentjes Netherlands 2017
Stars Han Zhang USA 2017
The Bridge Over the River Jadwiga Kowalska Switzerland 2016
The Scarlet Whale Jimmy Cho Colombia 2017
The Servant Farnoosh Abedi Iran 2017
Where Have the Flowers Gone Sin-hong Chan China 2016
Wishing Box Wenli Zhang USA 2017
STUDENT International - TIFF 2017 (15'th edition)
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Beer & Calippo Paul Ploberger Austria 2017
Best of Everything, Always Alexios Koukias-Pantelis UK 2017
Boundary Bartosz Brzeziński Poland 2016
Buoyancy Simon Valentin Denmark 2017
Casting Katarzyna Iskra Poland 2017
Digital Immigrants Dennis Stauffer, Norbert Kottmann Switzerland 2016
Donkey Xote Ottó Bánovits Hungary, Sweden 2016
Eat me! Ilina Perianova Bulgaria 2016
Empathy (a digital love letter) Qiyue Sun USA, China 2017
Facing Mecca Jan-Eric Mack Switzerland 2017
Jouissance Segev Shaw Israel 2016
Love Dušan Zorić Serbia 2017
Lunch Time Alireza Ghasemi Iran 2017
Madeleine Michaela Lovecká Czechia 2015
Millimeterle Pascal Reinmann Switzerland 2016
Never Fall In Love Jinshuai Zhang China 2017
Permutations Mirac Atabey Portugal 2016
Rural Date Balázs Dudás Hungary 2016
Simba in New York Tobi Sauer Germany 2016
Sisyphus Yusuf Emre Yalçın Turkey 2016
Stopover Cosima Frei Switzerland 2017
The Burden of Memory Albert Meisl Austria, Germany 2016
The Window Silvia Perra Italy 2016
IN ALBANIAN - TIFF 2017 (15'th edition)
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A Long Way Home Ibër Deari Macedonia 2017
A True Story Viron Roboci Albania 2017
Conversation on Life Agim Abdula Macedonia 2016
Heaven Has Been Fooled Odeta Çunaj Albania 2016
Home More Raça Kosova 2016
Kaini Shaqir Veseli Albania 2017
Lord of the House Daniëlle Bremer Kosova 2017
Reverse Antipode Oltsen Gripshi Albania 2017
The Eagles Sokol Reka Belgium 2017
The Junction Xhelal Haliti Kosova 2017
The Old House Genti Kame Albania 2017
The Remigrant Astrit Alihajdaraj Kosova 2017
The Runner Kushtrim Asllani Kosova 2017
Tirana 100km Lorin Terezi Albania 2017
Water for the Roses Luli Bitri Albania 2017
VIDEO ART - TIFF 2017 (15'th edition)
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Brutes Are Afraid of Silence Étienne Boulanger Canada 2016
Ex Terrat Reinhold Bidner Austria, France 2016
Final Gathering Alain Escalle France 2017
Finish Saeed Naghavian Iran 2017
Genesis Abtin Mozafari Iran 2017
Hey You! Tessa Garland UK 2016
Hiwa Jacqueline Lentzou Greece 2016
Hysteria Maurice Kelliher UK, Ireland 2016
Label Amir Lashkari Iran 2017
Lying Women Deborah Kelly Australia 2017
mondriaTIOn Werner Biedermann Germany 2017
Soulcash Elīna Maligina Latvia 2017
Structures of Nature Martin Gerigk Germany 2017
Stuff as Dreams Guli Silberstein UK 2016
Ten to the Minus Forty Three Second Francis France 2016
The Copyist Tamás Köszegi Hungary 2016
Timepulse APOTROPIA Italy 2017
un/masked Iulia Enkelana Romania 2017
Woods & Waters Antoine Parouty France 2017

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