AWARDS 16th edition TIFF 2018 »   INTERNATIONAL FEATURE COMPETITION The jury composed by: Andrea Wink (Germany), Besnik Krapi (Kosovo), Marija Perovic (Montenegro) GOLDEN OWL - BEST FEATURE FILM Irina by Nadejda Koseva | Bulgaria | 2018 A strong story about surviving in unpleasant surrounding through female character that shows how we can forgive and find the hope at the end. Një historie të fuqishme mbi mbijetesën në një mjedis të pakënaqshëm përmes një personazhi femër, e cila tregon si mund të ... Newsletter 2018 »   Tirana International Film Festival is the most important cinematographic event that takes place in Albania. Not only because is the oldest and most experienced but also for the highest number of applications, selective films’ capability, the rich program, fascinating discoveries and premieres of the most important cinematic films’ market today in the world. For all mentioned reasons, Tirana International Film Festival after applying was qualified as Festival from  the  Academy of Art an... Programme 2018 » Competition: 1. FEATURE INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION (Feature - EYE on TIFF) 2. SHORT INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION (Live Action - Animation - Student - Video Art & Experimental) 3. DOCUMENTARY INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION (Feature - Mid - Short Lengths) 4. BALKAN COMPETITION (Feature - Short) 5. IN ALBANIAN COMPETITION Non Competition: 1. SPECIAL SCREENINGs 2. FOCUS ( For Another Dream May '68 - Oscar® Nominated Short films 2018 - OIPLA Animation Poland 2018 - IVAN ARGOTE Video Art) 3. PAN... Festival description » GENERAL INFORMATION Tirana International Film Festival, which is implemented by the Tirana Film Institute,  is the biggest and the oldest Film Festival in Albania, placed in the capital city Tirana. The Festival was created in 2003 (it was the first film festival after 1 decade of gap from the official state film festival organized during the communism regime until 1990). The Festival is internationally recognized and screens every year more than 200 movies of all genres (feature, short, fictio...
Wednesday, 12 December 2018
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In photo ESTHER CABERO - Jury Member of Short Int'l Competition 11th edition of TIFF 2013

7:35 in the Morning
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Director: Nacho Vigalondo
Englisht title:  7:35 in the Morning
Original title:  7:35 de la mañana
2003/ Spain/ 8’/ Fiction


A woman enters a restaurant one morning - only to be met with silence instead of people talking.

Deus et machina
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Director: Koldo Almandoz
Englisht title: Deus et machina
Original title:  Deus et machina
2012/ Spain/ 8’30’’/ Fiction/ Colour

The employee comes to the factory every day. He is the only person who is qualified to do his particular job. It is precise, mundane, and repetitive work. Every morning he goes through the same drill, starting up each machine. Today, though, he has made a decision...

The war
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Director: Luiso Berdejo & Jorge Dorado
Englisht title:  The war
Original title:  La guerr
2005/ Spain/ 8’/ Fiction

What makes this work special is the narrator in second person, because this is something that does not happen very often. That is why, since the beginning you feel anguish as you go under the child’s skin.

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Director: Asier Altuna
Englisht title:  Topeka
Original title: Topeka
2004/ Spain/ 4’/ Fiction

The men from a small village make a circle in the middle of the town square. In the middle of the circle a fight between two rams…

Can`t Walk Anymore
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Director: Luiso Berdejo
Englisht title:  ...Can`t Walk Anymore
Original title:  Ya No Puede Caminar
2001/ Spain/12’/ Fiction

Pacheco's father teaches him to overcome the repulsion he feels for animals.

One too many
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Director: Borja Cobeaga
Englisht title:  One too many
Original title:  Éramos pocos
2005/ Spain/ 16’/ Fiction/ Colour

After his wife leaves him, Joaquín brings his mother-in-law back home to look after him and his son.

The first time
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Director: Borja Cobeaga
Englisht title:  The first time
Original title:  La primera vez
2001/ Spain/ 11’/ Fiction

Begoña is old and virgin. Closest her death, decides to hire a prostitute, Daniel, to satisfy her curiosity about sex.

Voice Over
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Director: Martin Rosete
Englisht title:  Voice Over
Original title:  Voice Over
2004/ Spain& France/ 10’/ Fiction/ Colour

I will not tell you whose voice over leads us through three extreme situaltions that are actually the same. Will you survive?

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Director: Asier Altuna
Englisht title:  Artalde
Original title: Flock
2010/ Spain/ 8’/ Fiction

A shepherd, lost in the city, searches for his flock. His call attracts the attention of some people, who decide to follow him.

The great race
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Director: Kote Camacho
Englisht title: The great race
Original title: La gran carrera
2010/ Spain/ 6’57’’/ Fiction/ Colour

The year 1914. The Lasarte racetrack announces a race with a never-before-seen prize for the winning horse. Eight of the best horses and mares in the world have registered. Fans and heavy betters from all the continents gather to participate in the great event: the Half Million Grand Prize.

Ask for me
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Director: Begoña Vicario
Englisht title:  Ask for me
Original title:  Pregunta por mí
2008/ Spain/ 4’/ Animation

Winner of a Goya for Ask for me, and one of the representative figures of Basque experimental animation.


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