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Monday, 25 September 2017
Katriel Schory
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Katriel Schory studied at the New York University Film School and returned to Israel in 1973 to join as the Head of Productions of Kastel Films, Jerusalem, at that time the leading production company in Israel. In 1983 he was the Associate Producer and Line Producer of the Award winning feature film ”Beyond the Walls", nominated for Best Foreign Film, Academy Awards, the "Oscar", 1985). In 1984, he formed his own company BELFILMS LTD and produced over 200 films including Award winning Feature Films, Documentaries, T.V Dramas, and International Co-Productions.In 1999 he accepted the position of the Executive Director of the Israel Film Fund, the main Film Fund in Israel, which supports, encourages and promotes Israeli Feature Films.
Israel Film Fund

The Israel Film Fund was established in 1979 with the aim of supporting the production of Israeli Feature films. The Fund’s goal is to enable the best stories and scripts to be produced and to create the conditions for Israeli Filmmakers to bring their vision and talent to the Screen. The Fund's responsibility is to facilitate the development, production, co-production, marketing, promotion and distribution of full length Israeli Feature Films in Israel and worldwide.

Intimate grammar (Feature)
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Director: Nir Bergman
Englisht title:  Intimate grammar
Original title: Hadikduk HaPnimi
2012/ Belgium/ 110’/ Fiction/ Colour

Script:  Nir Bergman; Photography:  Benjamin Chiram;  Editing: Einat Glaser-Zarhin; Music: Aviv Aldema; Sound: Aviv Aldema; Leading actors:  Yehuda Almagor,  Arie Eldar, Roee Elsberg, Limor Goldstein, Rivka Gur, Evelyn Kaplun,  Adam Kenneth, Older Tzahi, Ruslan Levchuk, Yanger Tzahi, Eden Luttenberg, Yehuda Mor, Edna Rozental, Yael Sgerski, Orly Silbersatz Banai, Roni Tal, Orna Talmon, Anat Yafa; Producer: Assaf Amir


Under normal circumstances, adolescence is a difficult field to navigate, but for an undersized, child-like boy with dysfunctional parents, it can be a minefield of isolation. Based on the novel, "The Book of Intimate Grammar" by David Grossman, Israeli director Nir Bergman's powerful film Intimate Grammar is the heartbreaking story of a boy stuck in an endless childhood with no obvious means of escape. First prize winner at the Jerusalem and Tokyo Film Festivals, Intimate Grammar is the follow up to Bergman's 2002 film, Broken Wings, a critically-acclaimed effort about an Israeli family attempting to cope with the death of its patriarch.

Johanna Learns to Swim
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Director: Yael Dotan
Englisht title:  Johanna Learns to Swim
Original title:  Johanna Learns to Swim
2012/ Israel/ 20’/ Fiction/ Colour

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Director: Tzion Abraham Hazan
Englisht title: Marganith
Original title:  Marganith
2012/ Israel/ 13’/ |Documentary/ Colour

Phobidilia (Feature)
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Director: Doron Paz & Yoav Paz
Englisht title:  Phobidilia
Original title: Phobidilia
2009/ Israel/ 87’/ Fiction/ Colour

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Director: Sivan Mor
Englisht title:  Kipur
Original title: Kipur
2010/ Israel/ 26’/ Fiction/ Colour

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Director: Elad Primo
Englisht title:  Playground
Original title:  Playground
2011/ Israel/ 9’/ Fiction/ Colour

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Director: Gill Weinstein
Englisht title: Benched
Original title: Benched
2012/ Israel/ 16mm/ 21’/ Fiction/ Colour

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Director: Asaf Saban
Englisht title: Mapping
Original title:  Mapping
2007/ Israel/ 14’/ Fiction/ Colour


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