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Monday, 17 December 2018
Awards 2010
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Best film of TIFF

Woman in temptation
Jiri Vejdelek/ Czech Republic/ 115’

For an empathic reshuffling of character’s fates, convincingly acted and skillfully directed. 

Per nje perzierje te jashtzakonshme te fateve te personazheve, luajtur bindshem, krijuar me nje regji mjeshterore.
Best Balkanik Film
The War is Over
Mitko Panov/Macedonia & Switzerland/35mm/92'/color/2009
For an intimate narrative that reflects a common immigrant experience in the age of globalization.
Per një tregim personal që pasqyron një përvojë të përbashkët të  emigrantëve në epokën e globalizimit. 

Best Director 

Mohammadreza Vatandoost 

When the lemon turns yellow /Iran/ 77’

The Iranian director Mohammadreza Vatandoost leaded us with a quasi perfect meticulousness along his story telling, without leaving a single detail out of control. 

Regjizori iranian na udhehoqi me precizitet pothuajse te perkryer ne rrefimin e tij duke mos lene asnje detaj pa kontroll te plote regjizorial.

Best Actor

Enver Petrovci
Donkeys of the border/ Jeton Ahmetaj/ 97’

Master of acting, Petrovci managed to give shape to a multidimensional character simultaneously loved and hated by the public. His acting is already transformed into a style.  
Petrovci me lojen e tij beri personazhin qe luajti shume dimensional, te dashur dhe te urryer nga shikuesi ne te njejten kohe. Tashme mund te themi se menyren e aktrimit te tij e shnderroi ne stil.

Best Actress
Sandrine Bonnaire
Queen to play/ Caroline Bottaro/ France&Germany/ 97’

Media Award
Sky&Sea/ Max Oh/ South Korea/ 105’

The movie focuses and brings to the screenplay a huge public sensitivity; the professionalism, an impressive articstic and cinematographic mean, high level acting, a serious production and postproduction. South-Corean cinema brings a high standard and competitive film in the international competition. 

 Trajton nje sensibilitet te madh publik nderkombetar dhe sjell ne fokus; profesionalizmin, mjet mbreselenes artistik, kinematografik, loje te nivelit te larte aktorial, prurja eshte nje ze serioz ne realizimin kinematografik dhe te postproduksionit. Kinemaja koreano-jugore sjell me kete film standart te larte dhe konkurues nderkombetare.

Public Award

Late Summer
Antonio Di Trapani& Marco De Angelis/ Italy/ 85’

Best Fiction Short Film

Death by suffocation/ Visar Morina/ Germany/ 28’

For the prize of the freedom, which often fights against the dehumanization of the individual and society, for the lack of communication in a new context.  

Per cmimin e endrres drejt lirise e cila ndeshet me dehumanizimin e individit dhe shoqerise, si dhe me komunikimin e munguar ne nje kontekst te ri.

Special mentioned
Beast/ Lars P. Arendt/ Denmark/ 15’

For the re-appearance of the Patricide act as a reaction against violence in emancipated societies.  

Per rishfaqjen e aktit te Patricidit si reagim ndaj dhunes ne shoqerite e emancipuara.

Best Animation Short Film

Venus de Rabo/ Francois Bertin/ France/ 10’

For portraying a modern artist through the evocation of the figure of the rebel pre-historical-artist. A perfect illustration of Schielean (Egon Schiele). Art can never be a modern one, art comes back to the origin. 
Per portretizimin e artistit modern nepermjet evokimit te figures se artistit rebel prehisotrik. Nje ilustrim perfekt I konceptit Schile-an (Egon Schiele). Arti nuk mund te jete kurre modern , ai kthehet perjetesisht ne origjine.

Best Documentary Short Film

Out of love/ Birgitte Strærmose/ Denmark/ 29’

For dealing with traumatic effects in the “Newborn” country

Per trajtimin e traumave pas lufte ne vendin e quajtur “NEW BORN”
Best Experimental Short Film

Family Portret/ Minna Korhonen/ Finland/ 4’

For a broken family structure, where greed prevails. 

Per prishjen e struktures se familjes, ku makuteria si faktor dominant.

Special mentioned

Reflected life/ Gentian Kurti/ Albania/ 6’

For the overlapping of the anamorphic perception of the reality against the eukudian one through instruments of the perfect logics.  

Per mbivendosjen e perceptimit anamorfik te realitetit ndaj atij eukudian nepermjet instrumenteve te logjikes perfekte.

Best Albanian Movie 

Tri dritare/ Faton Bajraktari/ Kosovo/ 29’

For the courage the director had to deal with a sensitive and difficult subject. 

Guximi qe ka patur regjizori per te trajtuar nje teme te veshtire dhe shume te ndjeshme.

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