Massimiliano D’AGOSTINO, Gaspare RUSSO

Italy | 2015 | 16’31’’



A Labour Ministry officer, Miss Guerra, and her assistant go to a city kennels for an inspection. Gioda, the kennels watch man, will guide them during the visit. The cages don’t host animals, but human beings. Although Miss Guerra isused to this routine somethin gun predictable is going to happen, something that will change her absolute certainties.



Screenplay: Massimiliano D’agostino, Gaspare Russo, Ilir Jacellari

Cinematography: Thomas Toti

Editing: Massimiliano D’agostino, Francesco Di Stefano

Sound Design: Mateo Ferrera

Main Cast: Imma Piro, Kostriot Shehi

Producer: Leonardo Baraldi


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