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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Stratis Chatzielenoudas
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Stratis Chatzielenoudas was born in Athens in 1982. Studied drawing, painting and Electrical Engineering in Technological Institute of Larissa.

He has been working in film industry since 2006 as Assistant Director and Casting Director. He has directed commercials, short films, documentaries and TV shows.

His films have been nominated in many international film festivals. Most known for his films “Die Young” and ”Athens.Fail.Better.” which won “Best Experimental Film Award” at EUROSHORTS 2015. 

Mladen Vušurović
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Mladen Vušurović was born in Cetinje, Montenegro, around the middle of the XX  century, lives his live according to the challenges of modern civilization, has personal vision and stamina, dedication and hard work, rooted in family and nation, loves people more than animals, perceives his live as too short for each single goal he is to achieve.

For the last 9 years he has spent his time on his duties as being the Beldocs IDFF director www.beldocs.rs , as well distributor of documentary films for the West Balkans.

Mithat Fagu
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Regjisor dhe piktor

Lindi në Tiranë më 4 shtator 1937. Kreu shkollën e lartë për aktor pranë Teatrit Kombëtar në Tiranë.

Në kinematografi filloi punën më 1959 si asistent regjisor dhe më vonë si regjisor i filmave dokumentarë. Ndër filmat dokumentarë të xhiruar prej tij janë:

Tregim për Naftëtarët (1965), Mali na Thërret (1966), Ata Çanë Malin (1970), Higjenë, higjenë (1971), Dhuruesit e Jetës dhe Kirurgjia në stenozën mitrale (1971), etj.

Në vitin 1968 xhiroi filmin e parë artistik Prita dhe vazhdoi përsëri me filmin dokumentar.


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