Workshop Series, 5-6 December 2009
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Workshop Series, 5-6 December 2009
Balkan Cinema through Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Diaspora cinema, transnational cinema, cinema of migration, exilic cinema, world cinema, accented cinema – all are terms that have been attached to cross-cultural filmmaking. These cinemas see persons, ideas or cinematic products flow indiscriminately between different cultural contexts. Through the movement/migration of filmmakers or films, this flow entails forms of transculturalisations, or ‘translations’, which shape the viewing practices of audiences and the films’ expressions, representations and mode of address. Cross-cultural cinema is about the interactive working process of more than one cultural context. It can be a particular way of narrating a film, of influence the topic or the genre of a film, or simply by transnational audiences (such as the TIFF audience) watching films from around the World. But common for this practice is the fusion and interface of diverse cultural contexts.

In the cross-cultural perspective, the focus is on films produced within a poly-cultural context. In cinema, borrowing from multiple sources has always been the order of the day, but cross-cultural cinema (in its various forms) has never endured more attention than in the global postcommunist condition. The workshop series at TIFF seek to move forward these issues by having leading film scholars giving their views on how cinematic production from cross-cultural contexts function in the area of Balkan cinema.

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